We had the first prolonged snow flurry of the new year yesterday. It wasn’t much more than a long sneezing fit by Mother Nature, but it was enough to brighten the landscape without causing traffic troubles or making the grazing white-tailed deer dig deeper than their big noses.

Yesterday, most of the fishing vessels lay at their moorings while the constantly-prowling snow trucks salt-sanded and plowed the roads into slush:

Snow 02.jpg
Snow 14.jpg

There wasn’t enough snow to plow driveways and, by early this morning, things had brightened.

Snow 01.jpg

A thin frosting covered garden plants and fields.

Snow 08.jpg
Snow 03.jpg

The light snow posed no navigation or browsing problem for our resident White-Tailed Deer who were out for their morning walks.

Snow 05.jpg

(Brooklin, Maine)